SUGAR's 10 Minutes with mycookiestory

SUGAR recently sat down with Valene of mycookiestory as we talked about how she was inspired to begin baking cookies. What began as a distraction from her then-sickness turned into a passion.

TL;DR, Baking healed her. And her story, healed us. #GoodVibesOnly

Why don't we start off by sharing the story of the brand?
4 years back, I had stomach acid reflux. It was a rather depressing phase of my life as I had to go through a really strict diet and I had to return to the doctor every 2 weeks.
My husband could tell that I was not happy at that time. Even though it was not "traumatic" per-say, I felt helpless other than taking the medications from the doctor. My husband then got me a very basic set of baking tools to encourage me. 

Are you a self-taught baker?
While waiting for my turn at the doctor's, I watched Youtube and read blogs (eg. Sweet Sugar Belle).
Somehow, I came across a photo of cookies. I've never seen or tasted these cookies locally in Malaysia. 
In my opinion, western countries are generally more generous in sharing tips and ideas. It was then that through my husband's encouragement, I began to play around with the recipes that I found online.

What does mycookiestory mean to you, on a personal level?
My husband encouraged me to open up a Facebook page to upload photos of my cookies.  We started off as when my husband explored domain names. But I decided to name it mycookiestory because I feel that every cookie has their own story. Every theme and every order that I receive has a story, not only to me but also to the person that orders it.

Lastly, if you could time travel back to when you just started mycookiestory, what advice would you give to your younger self? 
Be humble. My mom always reminded me to be thankful and to be humble. Always to remember my foot-ground.
To find what you really love to do is seriously not easy, so once you find something that you love to do, have courage and go for it! 

We certainly can't wait to see what's in-store for Valene's future. I bet it'll be a rather sweet adventure. 

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