SUGAR X Pandalicious

There're delicious desserts, and then there're Pandalicious ones. You don't have to ask us twice to know which one SUGAR prefers now, do you? *wink*

Often we tend to overlook home bakers to cater for our parties, but just because they bake from home doesn't mean that they're no good. (case proven by Jo's Bakery and in this post, Pandalicious further solidifies this point). In fact, because home bakers are not commercial, you can safely bet that your order is baked with tonnes of love and care! 

With Choc Fudge, you're pretty much set on a journey to chocogasm. Velvety texture of the cake and crunchiness from the pistachio toppings. 'Nough said. 

A slight warning though, one slice will never be enough. Not that we're complaining. 

You love Carrot Cakes. But that's before you had a taste of Carrot Walnut! While it already is a spotlight hogger with its visual, the texture is one that you'd remember. 

PS: It makes the perfect excuse to tell Mom you're eating healthy. "Hey! Carrot's in the cake! Tell me that's not eating healthy" *wink*

If there's one thing that we've learnt from cheesecakes, never EVER judge a cake from the frostings. This theory holds true for Pecan Cheesecake. While it may easily be overlooked, the way the pecans' nuttiness balance out the cream cheese makes it a perfect cake to have an afternoon cuppa with. 

No one's interested in the boring ol' looking cheesecake? Even better! More cheesecakes for yourself. Because you're worth it.

If you're one of those dessert lovers with a more "atas" taste, the sophisticated Opera is the one to go to. Hop on the taste-train as with every bite, you'll be experiencing a new texture and notes; bound to tingle your senses in the best ways.

Customised cakes are where Pandalicious truly shines. No matter if you're planning your bff's birthday bash or trying to get on the good side of your future in-laws, you can bet that Pandalicious has got the cake design for you! 

From the trendy Unicorn Cakes to the traditional design of Longevity Chinese Peach, you're covered! Sweet!

TL;DR Pandalicious is one versatile baker. From the trendy Unicorn Cakes and Fondant Cakes to elegantly decorated range of cakes, you can bet that you'll be one party hostess that your friends can count on! 

Quote "SUGARKL" when you place your order and get 15% discounts on Customised Unicorn Cakes 8" and 10% discounts for Opera.

Promotion valid until 31st December 2017. Just in time for Christmas parties! *wink*

Total Damage:
Choc Fudge 6" (RM55) / 8" (RM90)
Carrot Walnut 6" (RM60) / 8" (RM110)
Pecan Cheesecake 6" (RM63) / 9" (RM120)
Opera 6" (RM60)

*other sizes available upon request

Customised Unicorn Cake 6" (RM90) / 8" (RM150)

Fondant Cakes; Price dependant on design. Estimated price: 6" (from RM180), 8" (from RM250), 10" (from RM320), 12" (from RM420)

Free delivery to most area in Klang Valley except Damansara, Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Kepong, Shah Alam, Sungai Buloh, Seri Kembangan, and Kajang.

Be sure to place your order 7-10days in advance for fondant cakes and 4-5 days in advance for all other cakes! 

Instagram: @panda_licious

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