SUGAR @ Dialogue Cafe (Bandar Sunway)

Looking for a hangout spot after class? SUGAR's found just the place! Just a stone's away from Sunway University, Dialogue Cafe promises to be a cafe that we'll be thinking of after a long day in class. 

It doesn't hurt that they've got a really affordable menu! Won't have to break that piggy bank, eh? *wink*

Always a great way to gauge the dishes in any cafes would be to start off with their signatures; and a dish named All-Time Favourite is a good bet. With a startlingly affordable price tag, this signature waffle is drizzled with chocolate, honey and finished off with a dusting of icing sugar. Simple yet satisfying. 

"Sweet things are not healthy!" said Mom. Not when you have The Smoothie! *wink*

Topped with fresh fruits; banana slices, strawberry, and grapes, this is the waffle that you can proudly photograph and get your mom's seal of approval! Sneakily drizzled with chocolate sauce, this plate of dessert is healthy yet gratifying.

"Puhhhlease! I'm Malaysian" says that super patriotic friend, "I don't like all these ang-moh desserts"

Kaya Raya is the dessert that will turn your friend's frown, upside down! The best of both worlds, Kaya Raya is drizzled with fragrant kaya, coconut flakes before topped with a scoop of ice cream for balance and strawberry for that amazing colour. Aren't you proud to be Malaysian? 

If you're a college student, you'd know that adulting is hard! What you wouldn't give to turn back time, eh? In comes Cloudy Smores, a waffle dessert that is bound to bring you on a nostalgic trip to one of your childhood campfires. Topped with melted marshmallow, (say no more, fam) and vanilla ice cream, before drizzled with chocolate sauce, it's like going camping once again; minus the pesky mosquitoes.

A big fan chocolate? Constantly craving for the next chocolategasm? Chocolate Coma is the dessert made just for you. Served with crunchy chocolate cereal and rich chocolate ice cream, you can now proudly proclaim your love for chocolate on your social media.

Ang-moh waffles not cutting it for you? Dialogue's got your Asian roots covered with Mongkok Sundae. Essentially a crispy Hong Kong Egg Waffle, it is brought to the next level with soft serve ice cream. You are now officially a proud Asian. 

What we had:
All-Time Favourite
The Smoothie
Kaya Raya 
Cloudy Smores 
Chocolate Coma
Mongkok Sundae 
Matcha Latte
Royal Breakfast

Address: 15, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 11PM

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