SUGAR X Jo's Bakery

There are only 2 types of people in the world; cheesecake lovers and monsters.

As we're obviously not monsters (SUGAR monster, perhaps), we just had to try out Jo's Bakery's cheesecakes! I mean, when a baker's tagline is "Premium home-baked cheesecake", let's just say that they've got our undivided attention. 

For our cheat day (then again, when did we ever start dieting anyway) full of cheesecakes, Jo recommended that we began with her Earl Grey Cheesecake as a starter. 

Perfect first choice, as the light taste of Earl Grey tea, softly awoken our tastebuds. Never too overwhelming, it was a rare occasion that we actually felt sad about finishing a slice of cake too quickly; a sadness that didn't last too long as we had 3 more flavours that we were now even more intrigued to taste. 

"Obviously, Jo's made a mistake by starting off with the best tasting cake. Nothing we taste today's gonna beat that", we thought.

Spoiler, we were wrong. Real wrong.

French Rose, love. Cheesecake, obviously love! 

Hence, when we were served with French Rose Cheesecake, we were surprised by how we managed to even take a good shot of the cake without attempting to devour the cake whole!

From the first bite, it was as if Jo's had all these planned. Soft texture seems to be the running theme in her cakes. Fluffiness, when added with a hint of floral can only mean one thing. Addiction. 

We'll leave it to your imagination but don't say we didn't warn you. Addiction to this French Rose Cheesecake is real. *wink* Not that we mind it one bit. 

If you've been reading SUGAR enough, you'd know that there're two things that we absolutely will never say no to; and that's chocolate and matcha. Continuing on her plan to have us fall for her cheesecakes even further, we were served with Chocolate Matcha Cheesecake; our kryptonite. What's not to love? 

I'll be honest that I'm not a durian lover. Yes, shame on me! Hence, my initial lack of enthusiasm with Durian Cheesecake may be very well justified.

The odd thing is that while the cake is fragrant from the moment it's cut into slices, I found myself eager to taste it instead. With bits of durian flesh in the cheesecake, you can tell that Jo only bakes with natural ingredients. Perhaps that's why even the least likely durian fan, is now a fan of the cake.

Mission durian convert: CONVERTED! 

While we may be singing endless praises of Jo's Bakery's cheesecakes, you know we won't lie. Especially not about desserts. *pinky swear*

Total Damage:
Durian Cheesecake 9" (RM145)
Earl Grey Cheesecake 9" (RM115)
French Rose Cheesecake 9" (RM115)
Chocolate Matcha Cheesecake 9" (RM140)

For the full list of cakes that Jo's Bakery offer, look at their menu!

Instagram: @jos_bakery

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