SUGAR's 10 Minutes with Little Collins (Solaris Mont Kiara)

You've read the article we wrote about Little Collins and you've heard all about the shop during one of your lunch breaks from your friends and co-workers. SUGAR recently sat down with the woman behind Little Collins @ Solaris Mont Kiara about how the brand came about and how much it meant to her.

Spoiler: Little Collins is an expression of the founder herself.

Why don't we start off by sharing the story of the brand?
We started 8 years ago. I was a graphic designer back then before leaving to becoming a florist. We started a flower shop and a bakery separately. So when we founded Little Collins, we decided to combine both.
Little Collins started off as a florist, bakery, cafe, and cakery. About 3 years ago, I decided to focus Little Collins as a cakery. That's when we started custom-designing all the cakes. 

Are you a self-taught baker?
Yes, I went for baking classes and cake decorating classes when at one point, all the chefs left Little Collins. From then on, I've been baking cakes on my own until recently, I have got a team of 3 chefs including myself.

What inspired the birth of the brand, Little Collins?
Little Collins is actually a street in Melbourne, where I studied Graphic Designs for 5 years. Little Collins Street is next to Collins Street, with cute little shops along the Little Collins Street.

What is your day here in Little Collins like?
Every single day here is different. As I also tend to the marketing of Little Collins, I usually start off my day by checking emails and social media before moving to baking and custom fondant figurines. Usually, my chefs and I will plan a week in advance for customised cakes.

There's a lot of cake shops these days. What makes Little Collins different?
Our cakes are highly customised. Clients would bring in their colour chart for their themed parties and events, and we will try to follow very closely to the colour chart. It's the personal touch that we put into the cakes that makes u different. Here, the clients can come to the shop and taste our cakes before actually ordering a customised cake.

Here's a cheeky one. If you could only choose one particular cake here to eat for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I would have to go with the Chocolate Raspberry, as it is a new flavour here.

What does Little Collins mean to you, on a personal level?
Little Collins is an expression of me. As I change and grow as a person, the brand changes along with me. As I learn more new things, you'd get to see more new things on our menu. 

Lastly, if you could time travel back to when you just started Little Collins, what advice would you give to your younger self? 
Every mistake that you make is part of the learning process. 

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