SUGAR X Elevete

Have got the cravings but don't feel like stepping out of your home? The solution? Elevete

As an online baking shop, the only time you'll have to even step out of your warm covers would be to open the doors to collect your sweet treats! 

And from the response we've gotten from our post with Little Collins, we know that y'all love promo codes as much as we do! Be sure to read all the way through this post for an exclusive discount code! SUGAR's got your back! *wink*  

If you've got a party planned, all the better! Elevete's a total pro when it comes to celebrations! From whole cakes to Macaron Towers, Elevete's synonymous to premium desserts.

Not that we're complaining, as who in the right mind would ever complain about having too many colourful macarons? 

From the insta-worthy Popstar to the elegant Tokeru Cheesecake, Elevete's got more to offer than just macarons.

Indulgent from the very moment you lay eyes on it, the night's scene stealer would definitely go to the extravagantly designed cake (refer to the mini ice cream cones), that is the Popstar. Topped with popcorns and drizzled with gooey salted caramel, this cake is not just a feast for the eyes but also for the tummy with its moist chocolate cake.

However, if you're having a slightly more mature guest list to your party, here's one to consider; Elevete's Tokeru Cheesecake. Whilst it may look simple, it surely does not taste plain and dull. Far from that, in fact. Easy on the eyes with the minimalistic design and packs a punch with its decadent taste, this is one that your mother-in-law wished she had the recipes to.  

But hold up! Although diamonds are forever, diamonds can't be eaten! The next best thing is to spoil your girl with a nice box of rainbow coloured macarons!! (pretty ribbon included, gift wrapping saved. Score!)

Don't tell the other brides but we think these boxes of sweet treats would make the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids *wink*

If you're looking to have uniquely themed parties, just ring them up and they'll be more than happy to provide customised cakes!

PS: Here's our little treat for you loyal SUGAR readers. Simply quote "sugar10" as you're making your order on their online shop,  you'll get 10% off your online orders! Sweet treats solved! Time to party! Be quick as this code expires on 30th September 2017. 

Total Damage:
Macaron Tower - 25 pcs (RM135)
Macaron Box - 12 pcs (RM65)
Popstar (RM110)
Tokeru Cheesecake (RM140)


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