SUGAR @ Little Collins Cakery & Cafe (Solaris Mont Kiara)

Comfort food? Little Collins goes beyond that. Little Collins serves comfort cakes. And who could ever resist that nostalgic feeling of sitting by the counter waiting for your mum to finish baking? Certainly not us! 

Psst, be sure to read all the way through to the end of this post as SUGAR's got a special treat just for our readers. That's you! *wink*

Who would've thought that in the midst of the busy (read: hard to find parking) Solaris Mont Kiara, we'd find a quaint little cake shop that serves real, unpretentious cake. Cakes that you'll be proud to bring to your in-laws. 

From a humble start 8 years ago, it's easily noticeable that the food they serve here heavily reflects the owner's modest personality.

However, just because this cake shop has a strong sense of nostalgia, doesn't mean that they're dated. As seen with their super adorable (too adorable to be eaten, to be honest) Magnum Cake Pops. Ranging from the trendy unicorn design to the cute gudetama design, Little Collins proves to be a strong contender for the younger audience as well.

Boasting a wide range of cake flavours, this cake shop is definitely one that we'd bring our families to on a fun weekend family outing, as everyone would definitely find a cake (or two) to their liking. Whether you're a Red Velvet fan or a Rainbow Cake mania, you'll surely be pleased by the choices.

Speaking of choices, if you're like us and you're a Chocolate Craze, you'll be very delighted to find Little Collins as your chocolate haven. Ranging from Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Mud to Peanut Chocolate, and the definite taste bud pleaser Nutella Chocolate, you'd find yourself back at Little Collins every single weekend. 

At this point, we'll have to put out a warning, their cakes are highly addictive; not that we're complaining. *wink*

What makes Little Collins particularly stand out from the other cake shops? The personal touch that they put into all their orders. The owner pride Little Collins as a cake shop that communicates with their clients in details first, in order to make sure that every client that brings home a cake happily. 
Customised Cake "Marble Red"
If we were to particularly pinpoint on a single thing that Little Collins has done exceptionally well, it'd be the way that they have found a balance of taste. As buttercream cakes more often than not easily get bland by half a slice, that's not the case here. 

Classic taste doesn't have to be boring, and that's what we've found here.
Customised Cake "Peony Cement"
PS: Here's our little treat for you loyal SUGAR readers. Simply quote "sugar15" as you're making your order on their online shop,  you'll get 15% off your online orders! Cake delivered right to your doorstep! How exciting! Be quick as this code expires on 15th September 2017. 

Total Damage:
Magnum Cake Pops (RM12.50 each)
Sliced Cakes (RM9 - RM11)
Whole Cakes (refer to website)
Customised Cakes (made to order and charged by design complexity)

Address: 17, Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara Solaris (SOHO KL)

Operation Hours: Open Daily 9AM – 8PM

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