SUGAR Originals: How to know if you're a dessert addict?

Do you love desserts? There's a fine line between loving desserts and being a dessert addict!
Yes. We're as shocked as you are when we first heard a dear friend of ours said this. That got us thinking, what's the difference? That's when things really got interesting.  

So, are you a dessert lover or a certified dessert addict?
Ready to find out? 
Great! Let's begin.

You never share your dessert
Not only do you never share, you get defensive whenever someone asks for your sweet treat. 
Your logic? "Why did you not get your own dessert when the server asked? Now, you just have to watch me eat mine; not steal mine."

But it's totally fine when you steal theirs
Just because they can't have yours doesn't effectively means you can't have theirs! 
That's what friends are for right? #squadgoals (?)

"Sold out" is never an answer
You cringe at the mere sound of a server telling you that your favourite confectionary course is no longer available for the night. When you want your dessert, you mean it.

You get cranky when you don't your dessert fix for the day
How on Earth do other people even get through the rest of their scorching hot afternoons without having a frozen treat? Gosh!

You make up random excuses to feel less guilty about it
It doesn't have to make sense. Heard of "cheat day", anyone? More like "cheat days"!
Totally based on a true story, BTW.

Congratulations! You can now identify a dessert addict. Are you one of us? 
Look around you, do you know any other dessert addicts?

Images from: Unsplash + Giphy 

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