SUGAR @ Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie (Petaling Utama Avenue)

Running out of insta-worthy desserts for your Instagram? Fret not! You've got SUGAR as your guide! We're always on the hunt for the best desserts for you! Forêt Blanc Pâtisserie should feed (pun intended) your social media followers with arguably the instagrammable desserts of recent memory! 

Whilst not located in one of the hyped (read: cafe saturated) areas such as Bangsar, or TTDI, Foret Blanc sits peacefully as a corner unit in Petaling Utama Avenue. Receiving a bundle of sunlight, this cafe is definitely a thousand times more aesthetically pleasing & Instagram-worthy during day-time. Trust us when we say aesthetics, we mean it. Look forward to our second visit during the day in a very near future! 

Serving a variety of macaron flavours, Foret Blanc might just be the perfect place to feed your cravings! Being a huge fan of macarons, we got 7! Mind you that each flavour of the macarons tastes very distinctly different from each other. Bonus points! After plenty of macarons that were just plain sweet, it's very refreshing to find some that actually tastes like their labels. 

Are you perhaps the kind of dessert lover that lets your phone devour your desserts first? Have we got your back on this one! Look no further as Foret Blanc has got 2 bowls of cuteness waiting for your camera lens. Plus, they taste just as good as they look! We're talking about Berry Mallow Corn and Happy Polar.

Not to be left behind on the unicorn and bear trend, the brains behind these desserts know what it's like to have your social media followers salivating in envy over your shots! 

While Berry Mallow Corn (think vanilla mascarpone ice cream topped with strawberry cheesecake cubes for starters) is slightly heavier on the taste palate, Happy Polar serves as the perfect palate cleanser with the refreshing taste of lime throughout. 

Not sure which one to get? Get both like we did! However, if you're not looking for the quickest lane to a sugar rush like us, the team is always more than happy to guide you.

Are you very much of a taste adventurer like us? Join the #sugarklsquad gang with the famous Banana Leaf Waffle! Featuring a unique taste, we might have to warn that this might not be everyone's favourite. 

When we say unique, we mean it. It's unlike anything that we've tasted before, leaving our tastebuds confused yet wanting more, very much like an exotic new relationship. From the chai spice flavoured waffle to mango curry Chantilly, one might even say that this is the true epitome of acquired taste. If you think that's it, you're in for more! With balsamic rice vinegar crackers and mango jelly with chilies, the only remotely familiar tasting element of the dessert would be the homemade coconut ice-cream.

The best way to end a night of great desserts would be in full serenity, a tranquility that can only be brought by Yuzu Garden. This is when the saying saving the best for last truly rings true. While it is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing much like the rest of the desserts earlier, it is the taste that excelled. Without risking exposing too much of the greatness of this dessert, let's just say that Foret Blanc has got the taste equilibrium figured out. An alchemy of taste. Don't believe us? Give this a try. Tell them SUGAR sent you. *wink*

Total Damage:
Macaron (RM4.50 / RM6 each)
Berry Mallow Corn (RM24.90)
Happy Polar (RM24.50)
Yuzu Garden (RM23.50)
Banana Leaf Waffle (RM24.50)

Address: 49-G, Petaling Utama Avenue, Jalan PJS 1/50, Taman Petaling Utama, 46150 Petaling Jaya

Operation Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 1PM – 9PM; Friday to Sunday 1PM – 10PM (Closed every Monday)

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