SUGAR @ HAPP Cafe (Tropicana Avenue)

Love flowers? Love desserts? Put them both together, and you get the arguably the loveliest trendy cafe in town, HAPP Cafe! Being a big fan of all things lovely, SUGAR made no exception to visiting this unique flower cafe. (Note to self: Flowers + Desserts = Perfect date place found)

As soon as you step foot into the cafe, you'll be greeted by friendly smiles of the staff members. While we often take for granted that most service staffs are supposed to be friendly, we're more than often disappointed by their service. Knowing that we'll be served by the warmest hospitality possible here, assures us that our visit here will not be the last one. 

As you take in the cafe's interior, you'll soon realise that almost every corner of the cafe is insta-ready! From the architectural structure housing the florist part of the cafe to the beautifully decorated staircase leading up to the first floor of the cafe (yes, this cafe has two floors!), you'll have enough #throwback contents to last your social media for weeks to come! 

Forgot to bring flowers on your very special date? HAPP Cafe is once again to the rescue with their in-house flower shop equipped with cute stationaries! Nothing says dedication better than handwritten notes. 

You've seen it on your social media feeds, and you most probably have discussed it with your friends during lunch breaks. Keeping with the floral theme, we had to try the ultra cute Chamomile Honey Cake. When we say cute, we mean it. Decorated with a busy bee, one can definitely say that whenever flowers bloom, there'll be bees buzzing around! 

With its top-notch visual and taste, this chamomile sponge cake drizzled with honey is a best seller and there's no argument as to why it is so. 

However, being a follower is so yesterday! Be a trendsetter! Our forecast says that the latest addition to their dessert shelf, Lady Bug Pavlova is the next big hit! One might say that pavlovas are too sweet with its meringue crust but this was not the case as the sweetness of the meringue was quickly balanced out by the tanginess of passionfruit puree, macerated strawberries, and blueberries. Just as you're sure of the texture, you're in for a treat when you're pleasantly surprised by the sneaky toasted almond nibs and French Sable. 

As we were served more desserts, our suspicions that the entirety of their dessert menu being specifically designed to be insta-worthy was proven to be true! Happy Bear is one that will definitely make you feel like a child once again! A tart topped with Belgium caramel milk chocolate mousse and chocolate puffs rice balls coated in more chocolate and hazelnut as the base provides a balance of texture that we very much appreciate.

Not getting enough chocolate fix from Happy Bear? Why not have another chocolate dessert, Ferrero? Guaranteed to be the favourite of chocolate lovers, it is a sophisticated dessert that has layers of goodness, (hazelnut and Belgium dark chocolate) topped with chocolate hazelnut almond ball. While it is very tempting to just stuff the whole piece into your mouth, do be extra careful of the toothpick used to hold the chocolate hazelnut almond ball. (Yes, I speak from an embarrassing almost choking experience thanks to my inner glutton)

Looking for a palate cleanser after all the heavy chocolate desserts? Sakura White Forest is the perfect dessert for the job! With its refreshing taste and soft texture it's almost impossible to stop at just one piece of this also aesthetically appealing piece of artwork. If you thought that the taste is mild on your first bite, you'll soon be left wanting more when you get to the center of it and find dark sweet cherries. 

But hold up! If you're not a cake lover but still have got a sweet tooth craving to fix, fret not as HAPP Cafe has got your back! They've just announced that they're having a Waffle of the Month campaign, with a new waffle flavour released every month! How exciting! 

Lovely desserts and interior paired with friendly service team can only mean one thing; HAPP Cafe is almost always full! In between private events (which you can book for your very own special events) and fully seated cafe, the team's smiles never seem to fade away! 

A cafe that I first visited on a first date with a special someone, and a cafe that I will visit again and again; HAPP Cafe.

Total Damage:
Ferrero (RM16)
Lady Bug Pavlova (RM16)
Happy Bear (RM16)
Sakura White Forest (RM16)
Chamomile Honey Cake (RM16)
Waffle of the Month (RM18)

Address: P-G-09, Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 1, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hours: Open from 10AM – 11PM (Closed every Monday)


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