SUGAR @ Fullhouse Signature (Sunway Pyramid)

"Home is where the heart is" as Fullhouse Signature boldly claims that every guest that steps foot into the restaurant would feel right at home. Right from the entrance of the restaurant, SUGAR was greeted with a clean white interior paired with cute sculptures of their mascots. First thought? CUTE!

Whilst the restaurant does have a "garden area" (fully equipped with a functional water feature, perfect for #OOTD), you can be rest assured that the garden area is still a non-smoking area. Your family (young and old) would still be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, minus the blazing hot sun that we Malaysians have grown to love-hate. 

The launch of their brand new menu was the main reason SUGAR was invited to taste-test their desserts. Will Fullhouse Signature be able to regain their former fame with this new menu? Perhaps. Granted if the restaurant continues to be innovative in their menu and keep things fresh; which was what brought Fullhouse Signature their initial fame.

Keeping the format of both shelved cakes on display and plated desserts, we tried both! Because, why not? First look at their cakes, it is obvious that Fullhouse Signature is more than ready to flood the Instagram feed of many, with their cute and insta-worthy cakes. 

As pink cakes are always eye-catching, we needed to know if they tasted just as good as they looked! Spoiler: We were not disappointed. Topped with fresh strawberries, Strawberry Shortcake proved the wise first choice with its fresh and light taste. While it is very easy for the taste of the vanilla sponge cake to be overwhelmed by the creamy vanilla creme, that was thankfully not the case. 

Next, we had Raspberry Charlotte to feast our tastebuds on. Essentially a raspberry mousse cake, it has a very lovely presentation (read: insta-worthy) with a pastel pink ribbon tying the vanilla coconut lady fingers together. As it is not too sweet, it will be perfect for adults! 

Moving on to heavier desserts, we had another instagrammable piece of work served to us, Chocolate Toffee Dome. Slight reminiscence of the Milky Way, this 72% dark chocolate mousse cake served alongside dark chocolate mud cake might be a tad too bitter for some on the first bite. However, be pleasantly surprised when you get the center! The bitterness is immediately balanced out by the toffee filling. 

As an avid fan of more complex desserts, Opera Cake fulfills my palate with its multi-layered effort. If it were just a simple chocolate dessert, it would've been boring. The brains behind this cake must've been a smart one to incorporate almond joconde with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache. While is may not be the prettiest piece we've seen that night, it sure was one of the highlights. Unique and sophisticated taste.

It's very easy to say that most plated desserts are insta-worthy but Death by Chocolate definitely takes the cake (pun intended) in this digital realm of stunning desserts. While it is not much different (taste-wise) from other lava cakes that we've tasted before, when held up by a piece of nougatine, the lava will slowly drip into the bowl filled with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and berries. Two words: Visually Aesthetics.

Taking nice photos are so yesterday. It's now the generation of live broadcasts (Facebook or Instagram, that's up to you) and boy has SUGAR found the perfect contents desserts for your viewers to drool over.

Featuring an interesting concept, Triple Chocolate (think, sizzling brownies) is an alchemy of temperature. Just as you're getting tired of the parade of chocolate, the heavy taste is quickly balanced by the fresh berries toppings. Watch your viewers go Ooh and Ahh as you pour the chocolate sauce on top of the sizzling hot pan of brownies, creating a fog of awesomeness! 

Not a fan of playing with science while eating? Dear, I Miss You (tiramisu) would create just as much of a wow (if not more) factor as you'll be drizzling the tiramisu with freshly brewed espresso to further enhance the coffee taste. Do be warned to get carried away with pouring of the espresso as we did, as the bitterness might be overwhelming to some. A traditional and straight forward dessert with a modern and interesting presentation.

Fullhouse Signature also accepts orders for customised cakes for your special events, ranging from RM150 onwards! 

Total Damage:
Opera Cake (RM13.90)
Strawberry Shortcake (RM12.90)
Chocolate Toffee Dome (RM12.90)
Raspberry Charlotte (RM13.90 each)
Triple Chocolate (RM19.90)
Dear, I Miss You (RM18.90)
Death by Chocolate (RM19.90)

Address: LG1.96, Sunway Pyramid Mall, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hours: Open Everyday from 10AM – 10PM (Last call – 9.30PM)

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