SUGAR @ The Tiny Temptress (Sri Petaling)

After much hype from the Instagram universe, SUGAR has decided that the first dessert place to start our sweet adventure would be at The Tiny Temptress. Having seen our own Instagram feed being flooded with the lovely shots taken here made us firmly decide that this is the place to be for all things lovely and sweet.

From the many dessert choices available, we chose the cutest (read: insta-worthy) ones to order! We'll be honest and say that it was not easy as all them are super cute! Thankfully, the team was very helpful in describing the desserts to us and ultimately that has helped us made our order and made our trip there all the more comfortable.

One of the most unique that we ordered was the Brulee Marshmallow Ice Cream, a torched marshmallow with vanilla ice cream encased in the fluffy goodness. Bringing the campsite taste to a posh dessert place is ingenious. Nostalgia, anyone?

Being especially famous for the intricate macaron designs, we couldn't resist ordering one (or 3) of them. The three flavours that we ordered was Salted Egg Yolk Macaron, Passionfruit Bear Macaron, and Orange Milk Bear Macaron. Let's take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of these round-shaped happiness.

While there are people who are literally terrified of the sickeningly sweet taste of macaron, they can rest be assured that the macarons sold here are not too sweet.

You'd still be able to taste the flavours, instead of just being plain "sweet". While the Salted Egg Yolk Macaron reminded me of the egg yolk taste of a mooncake (bonus nostalgia points), their Orange Milk Bear Macaron has a unique taste that my palate has yet to taste before.

Finishing off the macaron plate with the Passionfruit Bear Macaron was a perfect choice as it is tangy-yet-sweet, making it a perfect palate cleanser for what's to come next.

Hopping on the Unicorn-trend, The Tiny Temptress has got their own unicorn farm with their Tiramisu a la Temptress, and who could ever refuse a dessert mischievously named Bear Necessity? Major points would go their creativity for both desserts as they don't just look good, they taste even better. 

The unicorn Tiramisu has a sexy velvety coffee taste which is surprising, considering it's uber cute decorations with meringue acting as the unicorn's horns.

Bear Necessity would be one that we expected to be a heavier chocolate taste. However, to our surprise that was not the case. Although the chocolate mousse did have a heavy texture to it, its taste was quickly lightened by the sneaky passionfruit aftertaste.

At The Tiny Temptress, you'd be spoiled with plenty of choices as the dessert shelve is filled with delectable desserts waiting for you to feast on.

Cozy meets #OOTD-worthy space makes it almost impossible not to fill up your camera roll with lovely shots while you're visiting this simplistic posh cafe.

The Tiny Temptress are also open for custom made orders. Perfect for your bff's birthday party, or to surprise your special someone! LOVE!

Total damage:
Bear Necessity (RM14)
Tiramisu (RM14)
Macarons (RM8 each)
Brulee Marshmallow Ice Cream (RM12)

Address: Sri Petaling: No. 8-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 8, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday : 1pm - 11pm, Friday & Saturday : 1pm - 12am


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