SUGAR @ Fiskee Dough (Empire Damansara)

Everyone's been talking about that one cute guy working at Fiskee Dough. You know you've seen the Facebook advertisements. Hence being the sceptics that SUGAR always has been, how could we not make it a point to pay Fiskee Dough a visit and see if the doughnut treats are actually worth the hype? [spoiler alert: it was so worth the hype, but read on to find out why]

Have you ever looked at a menu and be totally clueless on what to order? Everything seems so unique but then again, our tummy could only handle that much. Oh, the dilemma. Sometimes, it's only made worse when the staffs have no idea what to recommend as well. 

Lucky for us, Fiskee Dough is not one of those places. When we did struggle to make our choice, the staff (which we later found out was the Founder) did his very best to explain the desserts and helped us make our choice of orders. A choice of order that we certainly did not regret. 

The very first one that we ordered was one of their best sellers, and from the moment it was served to us, we could definitely tell why. Topped with a scoop of Earl Grey Gelato, Early Dough is not one to skip during your visit here. Decorated with edible flowers, this plate just exudes loveliness. Perfect for your Instagram feed. 

After we were done taking multiple shots of the dessert, it was time to dig in! With its soft and fluffy doughnut, it would be easy to fool yourself that you were eating clouds. However, be fooled no more when you do bite into the crunch that is the walnut topping. The scoop of Earl Grey Gelato had us wanting more with its earl grey dominant with a subtle minty aftertaste to lighten the overall taste. 

If you're one to never pass on your sweet tooth's greed, our next order of Matcha King will definitely satisfy your cravings. A dessert fit for a King, it has not one or two, but a whopping THREE stacks of doughnuts. Now you can really dine like a true royalty that you are!

Aside from the garnish of edible flowers that we've seen on the previous plate, this plate goes above and beyond with its garnishes. Decorated with two stalks of rosemary was apparently not enough for Fiskee Dough. The brains behind this dessert could've stopped there but boy did they go one step further with two bars of Green Tea Kit Kat! Post this on your Instagram and you're all set for the Oohs-and-Ahhs of your followers!

Just when you thought that was it, you'd be pleasantly surprised by the crunch that was from the sneaky cornflakes and cereals hidden in between the mouthwatering stacks of doughnut. 

If you've been looking for a chillax environment to study or just to enjoy a book, you've come to the right place! Even if you're not a fan of cold AC, you can escape to the "Secret Garden" [a cheeky name for a balcony] through the back door. 

Bonus points for the team as they agreed to our request of not serving both plates at the same time. How could we have enough time to take these lovely shots if we were frantically worried about the gelato melting? The team understood our concern even before we explained and that was a really cool thing! 

Total Damage:
Early Dough (RM14)
Matcha King (RM30)

Address: F-25 (Lot 125) Empire Damansara,, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Operation Hours: Tuesday to Thursday : 2PM – 10PM, Friday & Saturday : 1PM – 11PM, Sunday : 1PM – 10PM

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